N.B.--this is now terribly outdated, i will update it shortly.--07/10/22

the gnarled thicket is the online home of slothbear. it began as an osr-focused rpg blog that fizzled spectacularly. it has recently (2020) been expanded to accommodate recordings of musical compositions and essays. eventually it will probably include terrible programs, as i am slowly learning to code.

i'm a millenial dude currently in the southern u.s.
among other things, i like:

i dislike:

this site runs on a vps rented from vultr with domain services from gandi. i also run a modest gopherhole on the same machine at gopher://gopher.[this domain]. i write this site's html and css myself.

i can be reached for questions and comments at slothbear[at][this domain], or sometimes on mastodon: [at]ursus_hirsutus[at]todon.nl

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